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"Why do i have lumps growing under my skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do i have lumps growing under my skin?


I am a 24 year old male and i have had these lumps growing under my skin for about 3 years now, they are about the size of a quarter and sometimes hurt.I am not taking any medications for them. Some of them are on nerves and they are a little bit squishy.Should i get them removed?


It is most likely that what you are describing are lipomas. Lipomas, or fatty tumors, are benign growths of fat cells under the skin. They usually are soft and 'squishy' and should move around easily under the skin when you touch them. Lipomas are completely harmless and do not turn into cancer. They do not need to be treated unless they grow large enough to be cosmetically a problem for you or if they become uncomfortable. If you do decide to treat them, they will need to be surgically removed. This is actually a very simple procedure which can be done in your doctor's office with a little bit of numbing medicine injected into the skin. Another possibility would be that you have a form of cyst. Cysts in the skin are also quite common and benign. They tend to be more firm than lipomas. They also do not need to be treated unless they become unsightly or uncomfortable. They are treated in the exact same was as lipomas, by surgical removal. Talk to your primary care doctor if you would like the diagnosis to be confirmed and if you have any questions or concerns about managing this condition.

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