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"Why does my arm hurt?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy does my arm hurt?


I am a 31 year old woman. I had a fall about a week ago, and i went to the dr. but they said i have a contusion to my bone. Well the bruiseing has gone away but my arm still hurts really bad. what should i do about the pain? Should i return to the doctor or should i go to a different one? I was on Norcos but i dont have any more so now i just take ibuprophen.


I am glad to hear that you did not break your arm! Unfortunately contusions (big bruises) can take quite a while to heal up completely. The good news is that the bruising has cleared up, which means that you are definitely headed in the right direction. However, the pain can take quite a while to clear up completely. I agree that your best approach to dealing with the pain would be to take ibuprofen or another similar over the counter anti inflammatory medication. The trick with these anti inflammatory medications is that they have to be taken regularly to work (for example, you could try two or three times a day for several days), as just taking them sporadically when the pain is particularly bad doesn't really have the same needed anti inflammatory effect. Also, stretching and simple exercises of the arm might help to restore mobility and reduce pain, and ice or warmth may also be helpful. If these simple measure do not work and if the pain is not improving in the next week or so, I would schedule a followup appointment with your primary care doctor, who can help you figure out what the next best step would be.

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