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"How can I relieve The pressure on my feet to prevent hematomas fron developing?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I relieve The pressure on my feet to prevent hematomas fron developing?


I am a 48 year old man who suffers from CIDP and diabetes. Both conditions cause me to have nueropathy in my feet and despite wearing shoes with custom inserts I still have developed hematomas on my feet occasionally that have developed into hard to heal sores. What steps can I take to help keep my feet healthy. I am on my feet a fair amount during the day but am abe to sit down at times. Would foot massages on a regular basis help me?


Foot care in diabetics with neuropathy is a very troublesome issue, as you are well aware, because of the fact that the nerves that usually provide feedback to you so that you can protect your feet are unable to perform that function. This leaves you vulnerable to numerous small injuries, and then prevents you from knowing that the injuries have even occurred, which allows the small wounds to become big problems. The best thing that you can do about this is to be very diligent in your foot care. You should work carefully with your primary care doctor to manage your diabetes and foot care, and perhaps the input of a podiatrist would be warranted in your specific situation as well. Appropriate orthotics are an important step, but should not replace an examination that you perform at least daily on your own feet. You should stop every day to examine your feet thoroughly for new signs of damage, and then discuss any concerns with your physician immediately, because, as you know, these can quickly becomes something very serious, including infections that can possibly necessitate amputations. Massages would be valuable in that someone else would look at your feet, but would likely not prevent injury in and of themselves. Please discuss this in more detail with your physician or podiatrist.

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