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"What medications should I take for symptoms of ulcerative colitis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat medications should I take for symptoms of ulcerative colitis?


I'm traveling to west Africa and need to know asap.


I am not certain from this question whether you have been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis or whether you are just having some symptoms that you think might be ulcerative colitis. Typical symptoms of ulcerative colitis can include abdominal pain, diarrhea, bloody bowel movements, and weight loss. However, these symptoms can also be caused by many other conditions so unless you have been formally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis there are other things to consider. If, however, you are experiencing symptoms like this, then you absolutely should not travel to West Africa before having a thorough medical examination and having your symptoms stabilized. It would be dangerous to travel with symptoms like these. Ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune condition in which the body attacks the colon, causing ulcers and bleeding. There are numerous medications that are used to treat the ulcerative colitis, including steroids, antiinflammatory medications, and immune suppressing medications. The choice of medication is very individualized and determined by the severity of the symptoms. The treatment of ulcerative colitis is generally under the care of a specialist gastroenterologist. If you are experiencing large amounts of bleeding in your bowel movements or very severe abdominal pain you should be evaluated in the emergency room.

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