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"Why is my lower back, and joints in constant pain?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy is my lower back, and joints in constant pain?


I am only 26 and my back has been in pain since I was 13. Now it's also in my joints, knees, shoulder, feet, and it's everyday. My pain management Doctor put me on a strong narcotic pain reliever, but I would like a solution, not a band aid, so to speak. They still don't have an answer as why I'm in pain.


This sounds like a serious issue, and I am sorry that you have not found a good solution so far. I am glad that you are seeing a pain management doctor, as that can be very helpful over your life in terms of having the best possible pain management solution. I do not know anything about your case or history, but I would also want to make sure that you had been seen by a rheumatologist. Many of the complaints you have (pain in various different joints, going on for a long time) may be related to a rheumatologic condition. It would be important to sort this out, if you have not already been worked up by a rheumatologist, because, in addition to pain control, many joint conditions actually have more definitive treatment options that specifically target the source of the pain (inflammation, autoimmune reaction, etc) rather than just treating the pain. Of course, I do not know if this is your case, and perhaps you have already been down this road. But, if not, this would be my primary recommendation. You may also want to consider physical therapy and a visit with your psychiatrist, as those are also both good options for helping you find other ways to deal with chronic pain.

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