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"I was previously bitten by a spider and now my leg aches all the time?"


I am 23 and i do a lot of work in basements. I was recently working and got bit by an insect i think was a spider. anyway my ankle swelled up and started to look very infected. I went to the Dr and got it taken care of. Now it is 2 years later and i keep getting these sharp pains in my leg. could this be a result of that bite from years ago?


Insect bites are usually a fairly benign event. Sometimes the insect (such as a spider), contain a venom which can cause a lot of pain and sometimes tissue death. In your case it sounds like your insect bite resulted in a soft tissue infection.

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This by far the most common adverse result of an insect bite. If your leg got swollen and painful, then you may have needed antibiotics to get this to resolve. After these soft tissue infections resolve, there is usually not any long term effects. It is possible that this infection damaged a few nerves in your ankle an this is causing these sharp pains in your leg (this would be unusual). Among the possible causes of sharp pains like you are describing, I would say that this insect bite and your ankle infection are most likely not the cause. I think you need to get these pains looked into. The best type of physician for you to schedule an appointment with is your primary care physician. He or she can gather a more complete story surrounding these pains and perform a comprehensive neurological exam. I think after that, you will be able to get some answers and hopefully treatment for these pains. Good luck.

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