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"Do I need to fast before getting a blood test to check my thyroid?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I need to fast before getting a blood test to check my thyroid?


I was tested a few months ago and the levels were in the sluggish range so the next test my doctor suggested would be to check the antibodies.


Thyroid tests are some of the easier ones to get and follow from a patient standpoint, as you do not need to fast prior to drawing them. The one caveat would be if your doctor is also checking other blood work at the same time (such as cholesterol), so you should probably confirm with your doctor. The thyroid gland is an underappreciated gland that controls a tremendous amount of how you feel and act on a day by day basis. If you have been feeling sluggish, gaining weight, having dry skin, and been feeling cold recently, there is a chance that your thyroid gland is not working properly. One of the common causes of this is Hashimoto's disease, which is when your body attacks the thyroid for one reason or another and causes it to become hypoactive (not secrete the normal amount of hormone). The antibodies that attack the thyroid can be measured in your blood, and are used to tell if you do have Hashimoto's disease. Fortunately, if you do have thyroid problems, there are excellent treatment options available, and patients generally do very well. Please continue to follow up with your doctor, and check with his or her office before returning for your lab work just to be sure.

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