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"What is the best weight loss pill?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the best weight loss pill?


I have heard of so many weight loss pills. I would like to try one. Which one works best on teenage women? Thank you.


Your question is a common one. Unfortunately, there is no good answer. I would recommend that you see your primary care doctor to discuss this question. If advisable, he or she may refer you to other resources that can help. Firstly, there are many medications and supplements available on the market that have been advertised to have varying degrees of success. Most of these claims are unsubstantiated. Many supplements can make claims that are not required to be proven. As such, it is hard to say that any of these work or are safe. There are only a small number of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved medications. This means a panel of doctors have found it to be safe and at least somewhat effective. One is Xenical or Orlistat. This is similar to Alli, which is over the counter which prevents fat from being absorbed. This however can cause diarrhea, gas and abdominal pain and quite honestly works minimally. Phenteramine is another medicine that is approved that is a stimulant (similar to amphetamine). It has problems as well and only works a small amount. These also may effect your fertility and potential baby -- so talk to your doctor first. Unfortunately there are no good medicines. Eating healthy and exercising are still just the best way to lose weight. Talk to your doctor as there are other non pill strategies that can help. Good luck!

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