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"Why do I always have migraines when I am stressed out?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do I always have migraines when I am stressed out?


I am a 28 year old female who always experiences bad migraine headaches when I am under a great deal of stress. They can sometimes go on for days at a time. They are always on the left side of my head behind my eye.


I am sorry to hear that you are having these persistent pains. The pain that you describe does indeed sound like a migraine, which is classically pulsing in nature and located primarily on one side of the head, sometimes associated with visual changes or nausea or other symptoms. It is very common for migraines to be triggered or worsened by emotional and lifestyle factors, such as changes in diet, sleep deprivation, or stress. So the fact that you are experiencing this is not an uncommon experience that is described by most people with migraine. In addition to trying to control your levels of stress, you should talk to your primary care doctor. This is because, once migraine headaches become so frequent that they are debilitating and disrupting your routine (as they sound like they are), it is time to think about a class of medications that are called prophylactic medications. Prophylactic medications, basically, are medications that you take every day, regardless of whether you are having migraine pain or not. The function of these medications is to reduce the intensity, severity, and frequency of your migraine attacks. These medicines do not work instantly but over weeks to months can dramatically improve your situation.

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