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"How can I get rid of a wart on my foot?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I get rid of a wart on my foot?


I am a twenty-three year old female. I have a large wart on my right heel, it will not go away, I have tried freezing but it didn't work. What else can I try? Is there anything that I can do at home, or do i have to go to the doctor again? Also, will it spread or is it contagious if I touch my other foot with it or someone else wears my shoes?


The best way to get rid of a wart on the foot is generally to freeze the wart off with liquid nitrogen. This generally provides the best, quickest result, although it is not guaranteed to work the first time. Indeed, it is common for any therapy to fail, and so repeated attempts are often necessary. Alternative approaches include the acids and wart removers that can be obtained over the counter, but these are often less effective on the foot. Your dermatologist or primary care provider should be able to help you as needed, and discuss these options with you if the over the counter method doesn't work. Yes, warts are contagious. They are caused by a very common virus, a member of the human papillomavirus family, and most of us have some contact with these. By touching the wart, it can spread, meaning that you can give it to others by sharing footwear as well. For that reason, please use effective hygiene measures, and avoid touching your wart and other parts of your body or people until you have washed your hands fully. Please speak to your dermatologist or primary care doctor about the best treatment if needed.

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