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"After how long should I be concerned if my flu-like symptoms continue?"

ZocdocAnswersAfter how long should I be concerned if my flu-like symptoms continue?


I'm 24 years old, and I've had some flu-like symptoms for 4 days. Symptoms include watery eyes, body ache, congestion, and a fever. After how long should I be concerned?


The thing to be most concerned about is your personal health history and then any concerning factors that add into your current situation, and so there is no perfect answer to your question. If you have serious medical conditions such as diabetes or other common ailments, then you might need to speak with your doctor sooner to make sure that this other ailment is not being affected by your current sickness. If you are otherwise healthy, then it is important to look for warning signs such as a fever greater than 104F, or a fever over 101.4F for more than a few days. Also, if you are not able to take in adequate fluids for more than a day, or have continued diarrhea, you will need to speak to a physician to make sure that you are not becoming dehydrated. Other concerning findings, such as persistent vomiting, blood from anywhere it shouldn't be coming from, or changes in your vision or mental status would also be reasons to see a doctor quickly. If you have none of these and feel that you are slowly improving, then it could very likely be a virus with no medical treatment necessary. As always, however, speaking to your doctor if you are concerned for any reason is always the best recommendation.

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