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"Does aclyvarix reduce the chances of transmitting HSV2 to a partner?"


I was diagnosed 2yrs ago and prescribed aclyarix to help with symptoms of herpes. does it help to reduce the chances of spreading it.? it makes outbreaks shorter.


Acyclovir is an important drug that can be used to treat HSV2 symptoms, but it is important to understand its limitations. When taken chronically to suppress the symptoms, it has been found to decrease the length of outbreaks, and even make them less common. It is also believed to decrease the likelihood of passing the disease to sexual partners, although it is only a part of the preventive action that should be taken to avoid sharing the disease, as acyclovir (nor any other drug) is completely effective at preventing transmission.

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If you are seeking to avoid transmitting the disease, you should avoid sexual contact during the period when you have active disease, and also in the time before active disease when you begin to feel the itching or other symptoms that you have before the lesions themselves appear. While those with the infection can share the disease at any time, it is much more likely to be transmitted during times with active infection, or the time immediately before infection. Also, barrier protection, as with condoms, is effective at reducing transmission, although transmission is still common even with condoms. Please inform your partner(s) that you have HSV2 so that you and they can make informed choices. And please discuss with your doctor the treatment options that are available to most effectively prevent the transmission of this disease.

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