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"Why have I been so bloated for 4 weeks and had no period?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy have I been so bloated for 4 weeks and had no period?


I'm 29 and have never felt this way...I've been lightheaded,bloated,and I'm 4 weeks late on my period.


If you have been sexually active (regardless of whether you use a form of birth control), then you should have a pregnancy test. By far the most common cause of a missed period in women your age is pregnancy. This is compounded by your symptoms of lightheadedness and bloating which are common symptoms early in pregnancy. If it is not possible that you are pregnant, then you will need to search for other causes of a missed period. If you have had some recent weight loss, or heavy exercise, your cycle may be delayed. Feeling lightheaded can go along with these activities. Occasionally the development of ovarian cysts, such as in polycystic ovarian syndrome, can be associated with irregular periods and feelings of being bloated. If you are sexually active, the I suggest the first thing you do is go to the grocery store and buy a home pregnancy test. These tests are fairly cheap and are very sensitive. If you are pregnant, then you will need to schedule an appointment with your OBGYN for a pregnancy consultation. If you are not pregnant, then you will want to schedule an appointment with either your OBGYN or primary care physician, whoever you see for you feminine health. From there you can discuss some of the causes of missing your period for 4 weeks.

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