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"I have an std - what should I do now?"


I tested positive for chlyamidia and want advice.


I am sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with this disease, as it is very difficult to hear that you have an STD. You've taken the first step already, which is to find out what sort of infection you have. Now that you have that, you will need to be treated.

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There is a one time antibiotic that can be used to treat this infection, and patients generally do very well and will see an improvement in their symptoms. Next, or simultaneously, you will want to confirm that you do not have any other STDs. For example, and depending on your age and sexual activity both of yourself and your partner(s), you are also somewhat likely to also have gonorrhea. There are, of course, other STDs that are even more serious, such as HIV, and it is wise to check for those as well. Then, you will want to make sure that your partners (and their partners) are treated as well so that they do not either re-infect you or spread the disease to others. Finally, you will want to use barrier contraception (condoms) going forward, remembering that even condoms will fail to stop the spread of infection (and pregnancy!) occasionally. Abstinence is another option. Please speak to your primary care doctor for more information and appropriate treatment.

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