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"Is an annual pediatric checkup necessary if my child has already been to the pediatrician several times that year?"


Hello. My child had to go into the doctor's several times this year for various illnesses. My question is whether I need to spend more money taking her to get a pediatric checkup? Can't I just take her if she gets sick again?


Although it is frustrating to have to spend the time and the money to make yet another trip to the pediatrician, I would strongly recommend that you do take your child for her annual well child visit. During her sick visits the doctor likely only focused directly on the specific illness and the corresponding exam. During a well child check the doctor will do a complete physical examination including plotting her height and weight on her growth chart.

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The doctor will also check her development to make sure she is meeting key milestones and is catching any problems early. The annual well child check is also an important time for communication about sleep, nutrition, safety, and any other issues depending on your daughter's age. Annual visits are also a good time to make sure that your daughter is up to date with her immunization schedule. Write down any questions you have about your daughter's health as the well child check is usually scheduled for a longer length of time then a sick visit so your doctor will have more time to answer your questions. Preventative care is very important to the health of your child so take the time for an annual visit.

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