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"Is anti-pain stimulator implantation often successful?"


I have experienced a great deal amount of pain in my spine since I was 23. I am now 26 and my doctor suggested putting an anti-pain stimulator in my spine. I'm frightened by that kind of surgery. Does it usually work?


The implantation of an anti-pain stimulator is one of the common, but more aggressive, treatment approaches that may be recommended by your pain management doctor. It might be a good fit for you, but it is not perfect for everyone. Some of the advantages include the ability to decrease the need for other medications and their side effects, as well as a level of feeling that you have control over your symptoms.

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As with any medical condition, however, there are associated risks. One of the greatest risks is that it might not work, which is psychologically problematic as well as the fact that it won't improve your symptoms in any way, obviously. For this reason and others, it is often advisable to speak with another physician in the field who is highly recommended, to make sure that the treatment approach is appropriate. Furthermore, a second opinion might unearth an alternative approach that you might be more comfortable with. Given that you are frightened of the procedure anyway, if you heard from a second specialist that it would be a good step, your peace of mind would likely be enhanced. Please speak to your doctor about your concerns in detail, and consider seeking a second opinion if you don't feel quite right about the procedure.

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