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"What is the recovery time after anti-pain stimulator implantation in the spine?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the recovery time after anti-pain stimulator implantation in the spine?


I am a 37 year old woman who has agreed to have an anti-pain stimulator implantation done. I am over the moon about it. My only question is about recovery time. Real recovery time. How long before I can get back to my normal life?


There is only one person that will be able to answer this question in any kind of accurate manner, and that is the surgeon or pain specialist who will be implanting the device. Reviewing the different methods of pain control and implantation are beyond the scope of this article, and so some generalities will be reviewed here. Depending on the type of device that is used, the effects will begin to be felt shortly after the implantation and utilization of the device commence. The recovery from the surgery itself is generally short, but will depend on your specific overall health and other medical conditions. If you are obese, diabetic, and smoking, you will be likely to have a more slow recovery, as all of these are involved in your body's ability to overcome trauma and injury. If you notice that your pain is not improving daily, or is getting worse, you should speak to your doctor soon. Otherwise, you should anticipate that your symptoms will improve daily, with some minor variation. Your doctor will provide specifics, and will also be able to help you to be realistic in your expectations with regards to the implantation of this device. Please speak to him or her fully prior to the procedure.

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