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"Can someone have more than one type of autism?"


Hi. My child was diagnosed with autism, but now I think he has more than one type. How often does that happen? Or is a child with symptoms of several types of autimism something else altogether?


I am sorry to hear that you are having to struggle on with the difficult diagnosis of autism, and am further saddened by your concern that your child's symptoms might be increasing. Autism spectrum disorders include difficulty in social relationships, such as the decreased ability to reciprocate with a peer or to engage in appropriate peer to peer interactions. Patients will also often have a notable decreased ability to communicate verbally, and will have stereotyped motor patterns that will be performed repetitively.

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You know all of this already, and so I am interested to know why your child has a different type of autism rather than just a different manifestation of his symptoms? It is more likely that, as your child is aging, new symptoms are becoming more obvious. That being said, you should definitely discuss your concerns with your pediatrician or the physician who is helping to manage your son's condition. He or she will be most aware of your son's previous medical history, and will be able to allay new concerns or respond as appropriate to anything new that may be arising. There are also many autism help groups that can be very valuable in such situations.

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