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What exercises can I perform to reduce my lower back pain?

I have pretty bad lower back pain. I work out four times a week. Squats and everything. I'm 27, so fairly young, and male. Should I exercise more to strengthen my back? Should I rest?
Questions to ask yourself to further elucidate what may be the cause of this pain include whether the pain stays in your lower back or travels down your legs? Do you have any numbness or tingling in your legs or have you had any episodes of bowel or bladder incontinence? Any recent trauma to your back? Are you sure that the exercises you are doing are being done appropriately so that you are not putting excess weight on your lower back? The answers to these questions along with a medical history and clinical exam will help your primary care doctor better decide upon the appropriate work up. This may include imaging studies, or perhaps a referral to a specialist. The lower back pain may be caused by overexertion and straining of your lower back from incorrectly done exercises, which can be easily fixed by changing how your are working out. Ice, rest, and stretching are all good ways to help treat the symptoms related to your back pain. You can also consider physical therapy and muscle relaxants or steroids to help with the inflammation. Again, the most important thing is to be evaluated by your primary care doctor who will decide upon the most appropriate next step.
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