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"How can I boost my child's self esteem after a case of bedwetting?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can I boost my child's self esteem after a case of bedwetting?


My son has been wetting the bed a lot since his grandfather died. He's starting to feel very badly about himself. How can I boost his self esteem and tell him he's great?


You obviously seem to have made the excellent connection that things have been hard for your son since the passing of his grandfather. To make matters worse, he is having difficulty with enuresis (the doctor word for bed wetting), which can be hard on the self confidence of children. While you obviously don't want to encourage the bed wetting, you are right to realize that at hard times and during changes, children are often prone to going back to previous behaviors, something that is known as regression. The best thing that you can do is to continue to love him and show him the attention that he needs. At this time he is likely feeling the loss of something that he thought was permanent. Anything that removes something that was considered permanent, such as divorce, death, etc, can cause children to feel this way, and it is a difficult thing for children to understand, with their age affecting how they cope greatly. Him feeling that you are a permanent fixture in his life will be invaluable, as will continuing with the happy routines and traditions that you have as a family. As always, close contact with your pediatrician can be an invaluable source of more ideas that are tailored to his specific age and needs.

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