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"How should I treat a bee sting?"

ZocdocAnswersHow should I treat a bee sting?


Hi. I have a bee allergy and was stung recently. I used my epi pen immediately. What other treatments are necessary? Should I have gone to see a doctor?


First, excellent work on being prepared with your epi pen and knowing how to use it appropriately. For those who have serious allergies, it is vital to be completely prepared for such a situation. Now that you have passed the immediate crisis, it is important to know if you experienced any symptoms either before or after you injected the pen (and it is also important to remove the stinger, as the stinger will carry traces of the allergens that give you the allergy). Many people will have some symptoms, such as a racing heart, after injecting the epinephrine. Any unusual symptoms, such as chest pain, should definitely be discussed with your doctor. You will also want to refill your epi pen prescription, which will need to be done with your primary care doctor or whoever prescribed the pen the first time. Many physicians will want to meet with you again at the time of writing that prescription, but your personal doctor might feel comfortable sending in that prescription after talking with his or her office, provided that there were no other complications or issues either before or after using your epi pen. Please call your doctor's office to determine if he or she are able to give you a new prescription over the phone, or if they would like to see you in person.

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