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"Is behavior therapy appropriate for those with drug addictions?"


Hello. I am a 28 year old male with a serious drug addiction. I would like to go to therapy but I don't know what kind. Behavior therapy sounds appropriate but I'm not sure. What do you tihnk?


At this point, any sort of professional help is likely to be beneficial, and should be guided by your desires and personality. Behavior therapy is likely to be beneficial when combined with other professional services and possibly drug rehab depending on your specific situation. A frank and open discussion with your primary care doctor would likely serve as an excellent source of direction and counseling as you enter the world of overcoming the powerful forces of addiction.

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Groups modeled after the 12 step method of Alcoholic's Anonymous have been found to be successful in overcoming many addictive behaviors, and might be an option for you as well. Behavior therapy will offer other organized approaches that might be beneficial. Most psychiatric and addiction professionals will be able to direct you to the appropriate treatment for you, as well as help you to find a good match as you seek a therapist. Much of the benefit from these forms of therapy is derived from finding the right professional. The decision to avoid drugs and other forms of addiction is one that will benefit your life in many ways. Please speak to a medical professional immediately about which option is right for your specific situation, and begin soon to make the change.

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