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"Can children with biliary tract problems safely have surgery performed?"

ZocdocAnswersCan children with biliary tract problems safely have surgery performed?


I have a daughter with biliary tract problems who is in a lot of pain. Is surgery a safe option for her? She is seven and we're both scared.


Fear is a common reaction to the unknown, and I am sorry that you are having to worry about possibly performing surgery on your daughter at such a young age. The best thing to combat the fear is to get the necessary information from qualified professionals that you can trust. If your daughter is in pain and has a diagnosis of a biliary tract disorder, then you should seek a pediatric surgeon who is well respected and comes highly recommended. After visiting with him or her and explaining your specific concerns, you should feel much better. Surgery in a child is not like surgery in a little adult, and so it is advisable to meet with and choose a surgeon who is trained and certified as a pediatric surgeon. That being said, many of the common bile duct procedures are routine and very safe in all age groups when performed by a skilled hand. You should also know that you are always reasonable in getting a second opinion about whether or not to do surgery, as well as what specific surgery should be done. This will be encouraged by any professional, and will help to give you even more peace of mind. Your pediatrician should be able to guide you in this process as well.

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