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"Which illnesses are often most present in those with bipolar disorder?"

ZocdocAnswersWhich illnesses are often most present in those with bipolar disorder?


I have been bipolar for the past seven year. I am 23 now and seem to get sick a lot. Are there other illnesses associated with bipolar disorder? Am I more susceptible to colds?


Bipolar disorder is a condition that seems to affect every aspect of your life with the turmoil that it can cause. Fortunately, however, it seems to be isolated to affecting how you act and react rather than directly causing additional illnesses in the rest of your body. That being said, anyone who is either manic or depressed will suffer from the consequences of that mental state, which means that a lack of sleep or poor overall hygiene that could occasion either of those states might be the cause of the frequent upper respiratory tract infections that you are describing. Additionally, either an irregular diet or even some of the medications that are used can cause other symptoms that can make people more prone to additional conditions. You would be best served to ask these questions to the doctor who is treating your bipolar disorder, as he or she would be most familiar with your unique health situation and the medications that you are currently using. Proper health maintenance and a stable routine of physician follow up are essential to maintaining your health throughout the course of this difficult disease and any others that may arise, related or not, to bipolar disorder.

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