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"Why do I have gum bleeding in the mornings?"


I'm 29 and and my gums start bleeidng when I wash my face in the morning. What is causing this? Do I have gum disease? I brush my teeth every day.


You should discuss this problem with your primary care doctor. Although brushing or flossing your teeth will often cause a small amount of bleeding, this should be minimal, especially if you have always regularly taken care of your oral hygiene. Therefore, you would need to think about other cause of gum bleeding.

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First, gum bleeding can be caused by gingivitis, which is an inflammation and infection of the gumline. This could be diagnosed by your dentist or your primary care doctor and may require antibiotics, a deep teeth cleaning, or other procedures as recommended by your dentist. Second, gum bleeding may be a sign of a bleeding disorder. This could be a previously undiagnosed problem with blood clotting or it could be a new problem, such as a blood cancer or low platelet level. Although these medical problems are unlikely, they should be ruled out. I suggest talking to your primary care doctor, who will perform a thorough physical examination. Additionally, you should mention any other concerning symptoms to your doctor, such as fatigue, weight loss, night sweats, bone pain, any other signs of easy bruising or bleeding, skin rashes, and the like. They will help you determine if further workup is needed.

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