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"How can I unclog a blocked tear duct?"


I have a blocked tear duct and tears keep streaming down my face. People think I'm crying. I'm 26 and a guy. This needs to stop immediately.


Blocked tear ducts can be incredibly problematic for the way that it affects your everyday life. Without the ability of the tears to flow in the normal path out through their normal channel, they overflow and make it seem as if you are constantly crying. Fortunately, the treatment is simple and generally involves using warm, moist heat such as with a moist wash rag and gentle massage to the affected eye.

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Take care to just use each part of the rag one time, so as not to spread infection, should there be any bacteria present. Most people will have resolution of their symptoms with this approach, but it is important to visit with your primary care doctor if you continue to have problems. Tearing could be a sign of other eye problems, such as a scratched cornea, although this usually will have other symptoms, such as feeling as if something is in your eye. If you have changes in your vision, or begin to feel pain, or have photosensitivity (light exposure hurts), you should see a doctor sooner to make sure there is no other cause or problems with your eye. Some people will require gentle probing of the duct by a doctor for complete resolution of symptoms.

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