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"From where can a doctor draw a blood sample other than the arm?"

ZocdocAnswersFrom where can a doctor draw a blood sample other than the arm?


I hate looking at doctor's draw blood from my arm. Can they draw it from anywhere else? Please? My leg? I try turning away but I can't. I'm a 25 year old woman and I wish I could get over this.


Many people will have an aversion to needles in general, and especially to needles that are going into their own arm to draw blood. While you are able to draw blood from any site in the body that has good veins that are easily visualized, the arm is generally preferred as it is readily accessed, can be quickly cleaned, and does not impede with the life of the person after the draw. Furthermore, it is able to be monitored easily without extra care or attention to make sure that there is no infection afterward (although that is extremely rare from just a simple blood draw). All of those reasons are the reasons that, while it is possible to draw blood from anywhere, it is probably just easier to have it done from your arm. If your problem is so significant that it would keep you from having necessary testing, then you should talk to your doctor about this so that you can reach a plan together. There are some medications that might be able to help you relax, and there are many things even simpler than medications that might make your experience less traumatic. If you are having regular draws for a specific reason, there might be other options as well, but if the draws are only occasional and for different reasons, please discuss your concerns with your doctor.

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