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"Is blood thinning therapy good for pregnant women?"

ZocdocAnswersIs blood thinning therapy good for pregnant women?


My sister had blood thinnin therapy performed when she was pregnant. Is this something everyone should do or was it just her? She didn't really talk about it. I am now 28 and pregnant. Thx.


If your sister was prescribed blood thinning medication during her pregnancy, it is likely that she may have an underlying condition that required her to maintain or start blood thinning medications during her pregnancy, such as a history of blood clots in her legs, or irregular heart beats known as atrial fibrillation. Taking blood thinning medication is definitely not necessary for all pregnancies and added to the fact that there are certain blood thinners, such as warfarin, that are contraindicated in pregnancy, it is important that you discuss with your ob/gyn whether you have any medical problems that may require you to be on blood thinning medication. If you are currently not on any blood thinning medication, then it is unlikely that you will need to begin anything while pregnant. The most important recommendation regarding whether to start or continue any medications during pregnancy is to discuss all medications with your ob/gyn as he or she will be best able to assess your medical history and decide whether you need to be on any medications, and whether the current medication is safe for the baby (many medications are not considered safe to the fetus).

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