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"Can my low bone density measurement be fixed by diet?"

ZocdocAnswersCan my low bone density measurement be fixed by diet?


Apparently I have a very low bone density measurement. I'm 36 and my doctor's are already worried. What changes should I make to my diet to up my bone density?


Low bone density puts a person at risk for other health complications, including fractures, so it is a very good thing that you are following up on this and seeking care from your physician. Low-bone density can result from many different factors, including not only diet and lifestyle but also underlying medication conditions and medication history (for example, people who have taken high doses of steroids may be more likely to have low bone-density later in life). Managing all of these different risk factors is an important part of your overall primary care. However, there are some specific changes that you can make to your diet and exercise habits that can help improve your bone density. First, many Americans have both calcium and Vitamin D deficiencies, and both nutrients are important for building strong bones. Your physician may want to prescribe prescription calcium/Vitamin D supplements, but you can also use over-the-counter calcium supplements to make sure that you are getting enough calcium on a daily basis. In addition, it is also important to participate in weight-bearing exercise to keep your bones strong. These kinds of activities would including walking, running, or lifting weights...but not cycling or swimming.

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