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"Should I feel sick at my bone marrow transplant follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersShould I feel sick at my bone marrow transplant follow up?


I am 24 and had a bone marrow transplant. I feel sick. Should I still feel sick when I go in for my follow up?


A bone marrow transplant is a serious procedure. As you must be aware, this is a serious condition that can result is many complications. That being said, many people will feel different after their bone marrow transplant and therefore you may being experiencing a normal course after the transplant. I would recommend that you discuss this with your bone marrow transplant oncologist. A bone marrow transplant, depending on the type, can be a very demanding process. A significant amount of chemotherapy is given which can cause severe fatigue, aches and pains. As such, even if the transplant is going well, one may take months to recover. It really depends on how complicated and how far out you are from your transplant. That being said, there are things that can cause a set back in your transplant. Firstly, infections are common as the transplant often is accompanied by a weakened immune system. Secondly, the bone marrow transplant might "not take" and therefore you might have low blood counts. Thirdly, it may be that the disease that required you to have the transplant has recurred. There are other possibilities. Talk to your transplant specialist. These symptoms could be normal or a sign of a setback. Good luck!

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