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"Can adults get braces on their teeth or are they already set?"


I used to have braces but I didn't wear my retainer and myt eeth got messed up. Now I'm a 28 year old woman and I want to get braces again. Is this possible? I miss my beautiful smile.


It is certainly possible to have your teeth adjusted after childhood. The same options that exist for orthodontic correction for a child are generally available for adults as well, including braces. More and more adults are embracing these options.

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The standard metal braces are the conventional option. One newer technology developed in the last few years is called Invisalign; this refers to a set of clear plastic teeth coverings that come in a series, with each set slightly different from the next. The liners are worn all day and are usually only taken out with eating or drinking, although they can be removed whenever wanted. As each set is closer to the final desired alignment of the teeth, the change is gradual but has the same effect as conventional braces. If you are interested in either of these options, you should talk to your dentist, who can educate you more on the different treatments available to you, and can refer you to an orthodontist to begin your treatment.

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