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"Do all teeth braces need to be worn for at least a year?"

ZocdocAnswersDo all teeth braces need to be worn for at least a year?


I'm a 21 year old guy and think it might be best to get braces while in college. Do I need to wear them for more than a year? I'd like to get whichever ones I can get rid of fast.


Your orthodontist will be the best person to be able to provide this information, and it will depend entirely on your current situation (as far as how your dental anatomy is arranged) and what results you are looking to achieve, in addition to how well you are able to adhere to the recommendations that are made during the treatment process. In general, orthodontists will want to follow up with you for some period of time after treatment to make sure that you are doing well. They will also need to work with you in developing a strategy for making sure that your teeth remain properly positioned. Your dentist would be a good place to start in searching for qualified referrals, and would also be able to answer some general questions because he or she will have some knowledge of your personal orofacial anatomy. Factors such as wisdom teeth are often involved as well. Finally, there are other options outside of traditional braces that are less visible, including the increasingly popular Invisiline treatment method, which is less intrusive into the rest of your life as it is not as obvious. Your orthodontist will be able to discuss which method is best for you and your necessary time line.

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