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"I have blurred vision, headaches, and dizziness. How can I prepare for my doctor's appt? "


I am a 25 year old student, with a history of "migraine-like" symptoms. I have consistent dizziness and poor vision. I feel like the condition has been getting worse over the years. I am not taking medication.


Symptoms of constant dizziness and poor vision, possibly combined with headaches, is definitely a constellation of symptoms that should be evaluated by a physician. There are many different things that could cause these findings, and the best way for them to be evaluated is for a physician to see you in the office for a thorough history and physical exam. He or she may also want to do some laboratory testing to try and help figure out what is causing your symptoms.

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There is nothing specific you should do to prepare for a consultation with a physician, but it is helpful to always know (or bring a list) of the medications you are taking, including any over the counter supplements. On an initial visit a physician will likely ask you about your current symptoms as well as your prior health history. Depending on the issues involved, he or she may also ask questions about your childhood health as well as notable health concerns in your primary family members (parents, grandparents, siblings, children). Social history questions (usually about a patient's smoking, alcohol, and IV drug use history) are also usually important. If you haven't seen a physician in some time, he or she will also likely check some very basic laboratory tests as well. Additional testing or questions will depend on the specific symptoms or health concerns you have at the appointment.

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