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"What are treatments for adult eczema around the eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are treatments for adult eczema around the eyes?


I have never had these symptoms before the last few months.


Eczema is an unfortunate condition that we are fortunate enough to have excellent medications available to help with the treatment. Before anything, however, it is important to note that eczema involving the face should be treated with the help of a physician, both to make sure that the condition really is eczema, and also to confirm an appropriate treatment course. While simple lotions and other moisturizing creams are often enough for many people, it is common for people suffering from eczema to require a little bit of extra help to appropriately manage the condition, which often includes the use of steroid creams. While some of these can be acquired over the counter, stronger and more effective types are available with a prescription from your doctor. Any steroid should be used with caution when it is used on the face, however, as the face has extremely thin skin that is more prone to have long term complications than other parts of the body. For that reason, your specific condition should be discussed with a doctor, at least to initiate therapy. Again, there is the added benefit of confirming that you do have eczema involving this region, as many medical conditions can cause similar symptoms around the face. Please discuss your particular case with your dermatologist or primary care physician for more options.

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