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"What is the cause of my persistent sore throat if it is not a bacterial infection?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the cause of my persistent sore throat if it is not a bacterial infection?


I have a persistent sore inflammation on the right side of my throat but it is not bacterial infection, it has been a year now


This warrants visiting with a physician. In the absence of more information on your part, I am only able to describe some of the conditions that we commonly encounter. In general, most of the things that cause a sore throat cause a sore throat all the way around your throat--not just one side. Because of that, we worry that there might be some reason that just one side is affected. It is possible that you had an infection previously that left a small abscess on that side that has not resolved. It is also possible that you had some trauma to just one side, or have recurrent trauma just to that side. Additionally, it is possible that some sort of activity that you regularly do preferentially affects just that one side. Finally, it is a concern that this could be a sign of another illness. As the tonsils (near the back of your throat) contain much lymphoid tissue, they are occasionally involved in conditions such as lymphomas and other systemic illnesses. Without knowing your age and other symptoms, it would be impossible to say whether this is likely or not. Please speak to your physician about this problem, and follow his or her recommendations.

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