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"What is cause of pain in pubic bone area?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is cause of pain in pubic bone area?


Have pain in pubic bone area starting 4 days ago. Hard to walk. Painful when moving around. The pain has now shifted to the left side of the pubic bone area and down the left leg. What is the cause? Should I see a ob-gyn or some other specialty?


Pain that is causing you difficulty with walking should be seen by a doctor soon, and you OB/GYN is an excellent first step. Alternatively, your primary care doctor would be able to offer advice, direction, and treatment in some situations as well. Anatomically speaking, your pubic bone is an area where the bones of your pelvis join in a semi stable joint. You will need to discuss with your doctor what you were doing when you first noticed the pain, if you have had symptoms like this before, and if you have any other symptoms, such as a fever, pain with intercourse, or vaginal discharge. Pubic pain can be a symptom of problems relating to your urinary system, your musculoskeletal system, your abdomen, or your reproductive system. As any of these is likely to be the cause, it is important to know more information and have a physical exam so that you can identify a specific cause, and then start to work towards getting better. Pain that affects your every day in life in a manner as significant as making it hard to walk is a matter that is important to discuss promptly with a physician, regardless of the specialty, as all will be able to direct you appropriately after asking more questions.

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