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"How long is the recovery process after brain aneurysm treatment?"

ZocdocAnswersHow long is the recovery process after brain aneurysm treatment?


My boyfriend is a 28 year old law student who recently had brain aneurysm treatment performed. How long will it be before he's 100%? Law school is expensive and he doesn't want to sit out more than one semester but his health is the most important thing to me.


There are a number of important issues to consider when deciding when he will be able to go back to law school. From your description, it is unclear how the aneurysm was treated (coiling vs clipping) and whether there was any complications associatd with the treatment. Some questions to consider include was this an elective aneurysm that was treated, or was this after a subarachnoid hemmorhage? Was there a stroke related to the aneurysm treatment? If it was related to subarachnoid hemmorhage, there will likely be on the order of weeks to months before he will be able to rehabilitate and possibly reenter law school. It is important that you and your boyfriend keep a close eye on his neurological status as patients with subarachnoid hemmorhage can develop complications associated with the bleeding including late onset hydrocephalus (increased pressure on the brain from increasing sizes of fluid pockets in the brain) or depression. It is important that you and your boyfriend discuss the concerns you have the with surgeon who treated his brain aneurysm as there are many issues related to the aneurysm and the treatment that your surgeon will be best able to discuss with you.

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