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"Is breast correction surgery safe if I want implants?"

ZocdocAnswersIs breast correction surgery safe if I want implants?


I am a 27 year old with very small breasts. I would like bigger breasts for me that I think my husband will like. Will it be safe to get impilants? Not too big, just bigger than I have.


There is a difference between breast augmentation and breast correction, which is very important to clarify. Small breasts are completely normal and common, and these do not need to be "corrected." This word is instead used to describe repair to a damaged breast or other body part. Breast augmentation, however, is a very safe procedure, and is described as any procedure designed purely to alter the cosmetic appearance of the breasts themselves. As such, it is usually not covered by insurance, while breast correction due to trauma or medical issues might possibly be covered. While implants are a safe and very common method to improve bust size, you will need to speak with a plastic surgeon to determine if you are an appropriate candidate and which material or implant would be best for you. Fortunately, there are options available. Your surgeon will also discuss the risks of the surgery with you, and help to resolve any concerns that you might have about the effects on your sense of feeling in your breasts afterward. Please also remember that you should feel comfortable having open conversations with your doctor, and you can always seek a second opinion if you don't feel perfectly comfortable.

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