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"What should I bring to a breast surgery consultation?"


I'm 28, and I think I'd like to have cosmetic surgery performed on my breasts. What should I bring to my consultation? Do I need to show the doctor my other medical records?


Any cosmetic surgery should be considered carefully given the many rare, but possible, complications that can occur. Once you have decided that you are interested in having such a procedure done, you will need to find a plastic surgeon with both an excellent reputation in the field as well as someone who you feel you can be open and honest with. This will help you to achieve the best results and to have the appropriate follow up that you will need after the surgery.

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Once you have determined who you would like to visit with initially, it is also important to note that you can get more than one opinion if things didn't seem quite right the first time around. As you call the various surgeons to make an initial appointment, their offices will inform you of what information they will need from you. If you do not have a history of any chronic or serious medical conditions, it is likely that they will not need you to bring anything further to the appointment. If, however, you are routinely treated for a complicated problems, specifically something with your heart, it will be more likely that you will need more documentation, and perhaps appointments with other physicians as well.

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