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"Can I see different types of breast implants at my breast surgery consultation?"

ZocdocAnswersCan I see different types of breast implants at my breast surgery consultation?


Will the doctor allow me to feel the different types of breast implants that are my options? Can my boyfriend feel them too? I want him to like the way they feel.


It depends. Are you getting implants for cosmetic reasons (e.g. make them bigger), or are you getting them after breast cancer surgery as part of your reconstruction? In either case, you should probably see a Plastic surgeon for best options and results. For Cosmetic reasons, there are different types of implants. The two main ones are filled with silicone and ones filled with saline (salt water). Each comes in different sizes. Generally speaking silicone implants are more solid than the saline filled ones, however the silicone implants also tend to yield a slightly perkier look. When you decide, you should certainly request to see and fill each type of implant, and most plastic surgeons have samples in the office. They should also have a picture book of previous patients (without faces, or identifiers) that have a side by side picture of before and after with each type of implant. You should inquire about looking over pictures and feeling the implants themselves. The plastic surgeon should let you feel the different types of implants. The companies that manufacture the implants usually give samples to the surgeons specifically to show to patients to help in the decision making process. If you wish your boyfriend to be present during your consultation appointment, there should be no reason why he wouldn't be allowed to feel the different types of implant samples as well. I hope this answers your questions. Make sure you consult your plastic surgeon about all your options and seek his or her guidance/recommendations and incorporate that into your decision making.

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