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"What should I do if my breasts haven't dropped by the time of my breast surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat should I do if my breasts haven't dropped by the time of my breast surgery follow up?


I'm a 22 year old female. I had breast implants put in and my breasts still haven't dropped. What should I do?


Without being able to fully examine you, and take a thorough history, there is no way to answer this question completely and thoroughly. Thus this is a question that needs to be discussed with your plastic surgeon who performed your surgery. As you are well aware, every surgeon is slightly different from the next, and each will have their own ideas about what is an acceptable time period for post-op healing/changes. The variability of surgeon preferences is evidenced by the fact that there are so many different implantable substances (ex silicone, saline, composites), and different methods for surgically implanting them. For instance, implants can be placed through a periareolar incision (incision made around the areola, or colored part, of the nipple), an infra-mammary fold incision (incision in the fold underneath the breast), trans-axillary (via an incision in the armpit), or even trans-umbilical (via the "belly button"). Also implants can be placed above, or underneath the pectoralis muscle (one of the muscles in the chest wall). All of these factors can potentially affect how much the implants will settle, or "drop", over time. Thus as I mentioned initially, this is unfortunately a question that no one can answer as well as your plastic surgeon who performed your surgery. I hope this helps.

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