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"What recovery procedures will I be informed of at my bypass surgery follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat recovery procedures will I be informed of at my bypass surgery follow up?


I had a heart bypass surgery and will shortly go to my first follow up. What recovery procedures will they suggest? Exercises? Diet? I am 47 and trying to get healthy again.


During your first followup for your heart bypass surgery, the first thing the surgeons will want to do is insure that your wounds are healing properly. A surgery where the sternum is broken is a major incision and they will want to make sure that it is well on its way to completing the healing process. As long as you are healing well, with no signs of infection, they will then talk about getting you strong and healthy again. You will probably need intensive physical therapy to get your strength back. Since you have been not been as active since your surgery, you may need some help starting routine exercises again. You will also discuss the long term plan for your overall cardiovascular health. It is very important for you to maintain regular exercise, eating a good diet low in saturated fats and simple carbohydrates. Your new vessels will now be susceptible to the same blockages that your normal vessels have, and thus, you will want to make sure that your cholesterol, diabetes (if you have it), and blood pressure are all in check. I would also make a list of questions that you have prior to your first visit so that you can be sure not to forget anything you want to ask. Good luck.

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