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"Will there be more tests at my cardiologic follow up?"

ZocdocAnswersWill there be more tests at my cardiologic follow up?


My consultation had enough tests. I do not want there to be more. Will there be more?


The plan made at any appointment varies on the basis of the individual patient, the treatment already underway, and the current state of the patient. Your doctor may want to follow your risk factors for the development or worsening of heart disease, such as the level of your blood sugar control or your cholesterol panel; measuring these factors would require blood work. If you have been on diuretic medications for management of volume status, your doctor may want to measure the levels of electrolytes within the blood. If there have been concerns about the ability of the heart to effectively pump blood or the function of a particular valve, then your doctor may want to obtain further imaging with an ultrasound. Most likely, your follow-up will at least include a measurement of your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as a discussion about the overall way you have been feeling recently.

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