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"Will they draw my blood at a cardiovascular checkup?"

ZocdocAnswersWill they draw my blood at a cardiovascular checkup?


I am taking my father to his first cardiovascular checkup. He is frightened of needles. Will they need to draw his blood at this checkup?


A cardiovascular check-up may include a variety of assessments, including a through history and physical exam, imaging studies, electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood work, depending on the specific patient and the circumstances. There are a number of reasons why your father's doctor may want to check his blood. One reason is to measure values that are thought to be related to his risk of cardiovascular disease (such as a cholesterol panel or blood sugar control); his doctor may want to follow these values as different treatments are used. Additionally, blood work is sometimes checked to make sure electrolytes are in balance; this is often the case when patients with congestive heart failure are on diuretic medications to help regulate their fluid balance. Hopefully your father's cardiologist will have access to any recent blood work results that his other doctors may have ordered; this will help prevent any unnecessary testing.

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