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"Who do I need to tell about my cardioverter-defibrillator implant?"

ZocdocAnswersWho do I need to tell about my cardioverter-defibrillator implant?


Do I need to alert all my doctors? Do I need to tell my coworkers? Who do I tell??


The only people that you need to tell about this is your doctors, no one else needs to know. Your cardioverter-defibrillator will not be effect the daily life of anyone around you. Your device works by sensing abnormal and dangerous heart rhythms that need shocked in order to return to normal. In most individuals, the device never fires and only acts as a safety measure that is never needed. With that said there are some things you should know about having one of these. For example, you should always carry the card that came with the device. This will tell you any common encounter in which you should tell someone that you have an ICD. You will need to show this card when you are at the airport or going through any other metal detector. If your device fires, then you should immediately go to the emergency room by ambulance. I suggest that you bring up some of these issues at your next appointment with your cardiologist. He or she can explain all the pertinent details associated with having one of these devices. Specifically, you should know what to do at airports, what to do if a doctor wants you to have an MRI, and what to do if it fires.

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