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"What are some cheek correction methods?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are some cheek correction methods?


I am 31 and would like to enhance my cheekbones. What are some cheek correction methods?


First of all, let me say that this is not the easiest question to answer without being able to take a thorough history from you and perform a detailed physical examination. This is something that will be done at your initial consultation with a facial plastics surgeon, which I would definitely recommend. Nonetheless I am happy to give you some general information on cheek augmentation procedures. There are three main different categories of approaches to cheek augmentation: zygomatic osteotomy (aka fracturing and moving the cheekbone into a different position), fillers/injections, and implants. Zygomatic osteotomy is the most aggressive of the three options, and as such is typically the least common. Fillers and injectables are becoming quite common, as they minimize the need for invasive procedures. One of the most common substances used as an injectable filler is synthetically derived hyaluronic acid (one brand name is Restylane). However, if more aggressive changes are needed then can be achieved by injectable fillers, then implantable substances are used. The most common types of substances used for cheek augmentation are silicone, medpor (high density porous polyethylene), and gore-tex (expanded polytetrafluoroethylene). They are implanted over top of the zygomatic (cheek) bone to provide projection where it is needed. I hope this helps. Every surgeon is different, so you should definitely discuss this with your facial plastics surgeon.

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