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"Can they use my own bodyfat during cheek correction?"

ZocdocAnswersCan they use my own bodyfat during cheek correction?


My cheekbones are too flat and I am having them corrected. Can I use my own body fat? What willt hey inject?


There is no way that I can provide the specific suggestions for you that a facial plastic surgeon is able to do after a thorough history and physical examination that they will perform on your initial consultation. It is just beyond the scope and purpose of this forum. Nonetheless, I am happy to give you some general information about cheek augmentation and different techniques/materials that can be used. In general there are three main categories of approaches to managing under-projected cheek bones. Zygomatic osteotomies, implants, and injectables / fillers. Osteotomies (fracturing and repositioning the cheekbones) are obviously the most aggressive method, and used the least. Implants are fairly common, and are made from numerous different synthetic materials (ex silicone, gore-tex, medpor). They are surgically implanted over top of the cheekbones to give more projections. The third option is injectable fillers. You are correct in saying that autologous fat can be used for injections, however there are a number of things that need to be taken into account. First of all, with any of the injectables there is a limit as to how much projection one can obtain. With fat in particular, when harvested to inject the fat, by definition you are violating the blood supply to the fat, and once injected a significant portion is likely to resorb (this can be hard to predict). Thus if it is used, it is generally over injected. For this reason, many physicians have turned to synthetic injectables. Being that every physician is different and has their own preferences, I would recommend discussing this with your facial plastic surgeon. Best of luck. I hope this helps.

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