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"Are chemical peels worth the money?"

ZocdocAnswersAre chemical peels worth the money?


They seem very expensive. Could I just use microdermabrasian creams at home? Also, will chemical peels damage my face?


Chemical peels are expensive, but they have been found by many people to be worth the cost due to their superior ability to make your skin feel younger. Abrasive creams can also be used to good effect, but they are generally inferior with regards to results when compared to the results from a chemical peel or mechanical or laser abrasion. This is because the peels remove more of the top layer of the skin. As the new skin grows back in, the result is a more uniform cosmetic outcome that many people prefer. That being said, chemical peels are not for everyone. In general, they are a good consideration when the creams and over the counter treatment are not providing the optimal result. Later options can also include the use of lasers, and ultimately surgical correction such as a face lift. All of these are obviously going to give less than perfect results for difficult skin types, or if the patient continues damaging skin behavior such as smoking or skin tanning. Please discuss your concerns and questions with your dermatologist, who will be able to discuss all of the available options, and find the best treatment plan for you and your skin type.

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