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"What questions will my child be asked at her child psychiatry follow up?"


I have an eight year old who is terrified of doctors. I would like to tell her what kind of questions to prepare for so she doesn't feel as scared.


Psychiatrists are exceptional at caring for the feelings of their patients, especially psychiatrists who are trained in pediatrics. Of all the physicians, it would be expected that this specialty would do the best job at helping your daughter to feel comfortable and express her feelings openly. That being said, to be able to fully prepare her, it is important to know what she is seeing the doctor for.

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In general, psychiatrist won't do the same number of tests as other physicians might (meaning, most likely, that blood draws won't be as necessary a part of the visit, which might make your daughter feel better). If your visit is to discuss a painful event or something that your child does not like to discuss, however, even the most capable and caring psychiatrist might ask some questions that are difficult. It is their job to make sure that they balance appropriately between acquiring the information that they need to help your daughter with the need that they have to make her feel comfortable and willing to share that information. Psychiatrists are trained specifically to do this, and so the questions that they ask will often seem very conversational and natural.

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