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"Will they tell me how regularly my child needs to see her therapist during his child psychiatry follow up?"


I do not know how many visits a week I can afford. How will this affect my son's recovery. I believe he will need extensive therapy..


Child psychiatrists can be an invaluable resource for the patient and the patient's family when there are issues that need to be resolved. Additionally, they can "quarterback" other resources, i.e.

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, they can arrange for the expertise and help of other treatment groups and therapies so that the child has the opportunity to overcome whatever challenge may be present. They are very understanding of the financial standing of their patients as well, and will be able to arrange for a schedule that will work for you, and might include meeting with other physicians or therapists as needed and able according to your current situation. They will definitely discuss with you what they anticipate will be needed with regards to future treatment, and can discuss any concerns with you. Obviously, any treatment is subject to change depending on how your child responds to the treatment, and so there will be the need for some variation and flexibility as needed. The key to all of this will be your openness with the physician so that all parties can have an understanding and work together. Please talk to him or her about your concerns to optimize your child's outcome.

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